Sesame Go offers a cable-free subscription; why can't HBO Go?

Source: Sesame Go

Winter has come once again, by which I mean the new season of Game of Thrones is playing on HBO. If you're a cable subscriber you can watch the show live, via HBO On Demand, or via HBO Go. If you're not a cable subscriber well, HBO isn't interested in your cash.

This is why Game of Thrones is likely the most pirated TV show on torrent sites. Variety shares the news that "Piracy-tracking firm Excipio detected 1.17 million unique IP addresses accessing torrents of the season premiere within the first 15 hours of the episode popping up online." That sure seems like a lot of lost revenue to me.

Now if your tastes run more towards Sesame Street, you're in better shape. Sesame Workshop, the folks behind the popular kid's show, "get it" when it comes to streaming in a way that HBO just can't seem to grasp. They've announced Sesame Go, a place where your kids can go to stream full episodes of Sesame Street as well as Sesame Street Classics, and Pinky Dinky Doo episodes (don't ask me...I don't have kids) in an ad-free environment. Instead of tying their service to your cable subscription, Sesame Go costs $4/month, or $30/year.

Of course there will always be people who pirate no matter what, but in the circles I travel in at least, most people would be happy to pay for quality content like GoT; there's just no way for them to do so in a timely manner. Social media sites are awash in Game of Thrones spoilers. If you're online and a fan, you want to watch the show when everyone else is watching. It's time for HBO to offer a subscription to HBO Go that isn't tied to a cable provider. Offer it and they will come!

And as long as I'm talking about Game of Thrones, The Verge reports that HBO has already picked up two more seasons of the show (we're in season 4 now). Let's hope by next year everyone can watch the show legitimately. And let's also hope that George R. R. Martin can keep ahead with his writing; there's a real danger of the show catching up to him!

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