Happy birthday to the mother of all time-wasters! [CARTOON]

25 years ago this week Tim Berners-Lee gave birth to the World Wide Web - and the ultimate time-killer

A cartoon showing Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in 1989 present his idea to colleagues for the world wide web. His drawing of it is displayed on a screen using an overhead projector and a man watching the presentation says I don't get it, Tim. Could I use this to share a video of my cat?Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
Tim Berners-Lee presents his idea for the web - with no mention of cat videos

This past Wednesday was a big day: it was 25 years ago on that day, March 12, 1989, that Tim Berners-Lee shared a document with his colleagues at CERN outlining what would become the World Wide Web. Of course, at the time, he didn't call it that (despite how I drew it in this cartoon; artistic license, and all that). He referred to it as “Mesh,” a "global hyperlink system." These days, we just call it the web or, as I call it, a “global hyper-time wasting system.”

Happy birthday, World Wide Web! I'm sure we'll all be using you to waste our time for way more than another 25 years!

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