The Mobilize 2013 shortlist of quirky, useful apps

Didn't have time to read every single Mobilize post this year? Here's the just-the-apps version.

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I write about smartphones, so I write about a lot of apps. Sometimes I write about how they work, and sometimes I just point to them and exclaim, "Man, this is cool." I do so much explaining and pointing that I can't expect anyone to remember anything from a few months back.

Your fears of missing a cool app from 2013 are now allayed, with this here post. It is a simple thing: a list of apps I wrote about, with direct links to try them out, and slightly less direct links to where I wrote about them. I recommend bookmarking this list for those long periods of listlessness at your relatives' or in-laws' homes over the holiday weeks. You are very welcome, in advance, and thank you for giving me space to obsess over things here at ITworld.

Without further ado, a reverse-chronological list of 2013 apps, just apps, from this here blog. You can grab most of the Android apps directly from this AppBrain list

Pushbullet: (Android/Chrome/Firefox) Mirror all your Android notifications over to Chrome or Firefox (see them live, as they pop up), and push notes and links and images between your devices. Original post | Download.

Linconnect: (Android/Linux) Android notification mirroring to a Linux desktop. Original post | Download.

Android File Transfer: (Mac) If you're a Mac user who also digs Android, you want this simple utility to connect the two. Original post | Download

Square Cash: (iPhone/Android/email) Send cash from one debit card to another, instantly, without fees, to settle personal debts. Hard to capture just how easy it is. Original post | Download: Android iOS)

Knock: (iOS/Mac) Unlock your Mac by knocking twice on your phone, while in Bluetooth-connected range. Original post | Download

HelloSign: (iOS/Android) Capture, edit, sign, and send PDFs and other documents straight from your phone, without any scanner in sight. Original post | Download: Android iOS

Greenify: (Rooted Android) Bring the hammer down on apps that you suspect are popping up in the background and draining battery (or just have no excuse to ever be open on the sly). Original post | Download

Chromecast: (iOS/Android) The real star is the $35 HDMI plug-in tool that makes it simple for your phone or tablet to send video to your TV. I geek out about the websites you can send from your laptop. Original post

FitScales: (Android - certain versions) Remember when the Wii Fit and its "Balance Board" were going to make us all exercise addicts? Yep. But if you have a board hanging around, you can use this clever Android app to turn it into a web-connect "smart scale." Original post | Download

Pushover: (iOS/Android) It's a service that notifies you about all kinds of neat and nerdy things, but also ties into IFTTT to allow very cool "recipes." Original post | Download: iOS Android (Any browser) This is, by far, my favorite discovery of 2013. A webapp that is incredibly mobile responsive and thought out, and gives you both long-term and next-hour algorithmic predictions. Original post | Link

DashClock Widget: (Android 4.2+) Use Android's new-fangled lock screen display to show you all kinds of relevant data and alerts. Original post | Download

Carbon: (Android 4.0+) Everybody's got their taste when it comes to Twitter clients. I like how different, but thought-out, this Twitter app looks. Original post | Download

Simple Calendar Widget: (Android) I don't really like how Google's own Calendar widget looks, sizes, and sometimes I use other calendar apps. This widget works with any calendar you like, and has really fine-grain style control. Original post | Download

Helium: (Android) A nearly whole-phone backup tool that allows you to restore not just the apps you had installed (a la Google's own backup tools), but also the data and settings for each app. Original post | Download.

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