Bitcoins, you blockhead! [CARTOON]

If “A Charlie Brown Christmas” were made today, there’d probably be a few changes

20131219_lucy_bitcoins-small.jpgImage credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
Times have changed since 1965

Christmas is almost here, which means many of us have been enjoying all of the classic Christmas TV specials. The king of those, of course, is A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s certainly one of my favorites. In many ways it’s timeless, but, at the same time, since it was made in 1965, some parts of it now seem a little dated.

One of my favorite scenes is this one with Lucy and Charlie Brown. 

One would have to think that if this special were made today, it’d be a little different. No doubt, Lucy would up on the latest trend in digital currency. Who knows how else it would be different? Maybe her brother Linus would be dragging around an Arduino-powered blanket.

Maybe not. Whatever. Merry Christmas!

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