Facebook ads: An inexpensive, easy way to target your dream employer

The surprisingly successful, inexpensive results of using Facebook ads for a job search

If LinkedIn, tweeting and other social media means are failing you in your job search, Ian Greenleigh has an idea for you.

The social media expert and author conducted an experiment: using Facebook ads to specifically target the company (or its individual employees) for which you want to work.

Greenleigh tried three different scenarios to gain the attention of a prospective employer via Facebook's sponsored ad section. In one campaign, he went after a VP of marketing job at a start-up.

"I decided to devote a few hours and bucks to getting the CEO’s attention," he says. "His e-mail wouldn’t have been hard to find, but I wanted to get in front of him in a unique way, since I knew hundreds of people applied for the position."

To do this, he visited the company's About Us section of its site, wrote down employee's names, then found them on Facebook, as well as their user IDs (he tells you how to do this, it's super easy.)

He quickly and easily created a Sponsored Ad campaign based on that information, asking his prospective coworkers to help him land the job.

"The results were fun to watch," Greenleigh says. "Of the 16 targeted employees, the ad was served to 10 of them. Of those 10, seven clicked and one left an encouraging comment. Within a week of starting the campaign, the CEO’s assistant reached out to ask if I could chat with the CEO that weekend."

The total cost of the ad campaign: $6.48.

Click below to read more of his ingenious campaigns, including how he tried to use the approach to land a job at Google.

via Brazen Careerist

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