Get over 50GB of free online storage and syncing with MediaFire

Because there's no such thing as too much storage space

Just about every major tech company is offering free online storage space, but few give you as much free space as MediaFire. The cloud storage provider is heating up the competition with offers of 50GB or more of free storage--and, with the new Windows and Mac desktop app--automatic file syncing as well.

Yes, that means, as The Next Web reports, taking on popular online storage provider Dropbox.

MediaFire starts you off with 10GB of free space, and it's ad-supported, but that's still five times as much free space to start off with as Dropbox. You can earn 50GB (or more) with referrals and other actions. I had already locked in a 50GB account, thanks to downloading the Android app, but the bonus space--via connecting social accounts or installing MediaFire Desktop, even--is still available on top of that.

MediaFire 50GB

Even if you've already got an account with Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and/or another cloud storage provider, 50GB of free space is still hard to pass up. MediaFire Desktop includes: automatic file syncing to the cloud, link sharing, file version tracking and automatic duplicate file removal, activity feed, and quick screenshot capturing.

Get your free space here.

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