First week on the job? Be a geek

5 tips for getting off to a great start your first week on the job

Day 1 – new office, new coworkers. Now what?

To ensure you immediately get off to a great start professionally, career expert Amanda Augustine offers 5 tips for a productive first week.

1. Be a geek about introducing yourself

Start with your closest coworkers, then branch out to others in the office, Augustine tells Business Insider. Don't be shy about introducing yourself around common areas. "It could be a fast-paced culture, and they don't have time to come to you," she notes.

2. Befriend a veteran who can help you navigate politics

Starting a new job with new coworkers is like watching a TV show that's already been on the air for years. Find a human episode guide - an employee who will give you the head's-up on who's who and what’s what.

"Companies have their own language and inside jokes," she notes. "Look for the one person to help you decode the acronyms and office politics."

3. Set expectations with your boss and employees

Meet your manager to get his or her expectations on your performance, and if you are a manager, set up the same with your direct reports. It's a proactive and clear move that gets everyone on the same page.

4. Start demonstrating and documenting why you were hired

Get right down to business and start delivering what you promised via your resume and interview.

Augustine also recommends you start a "brag sheet and keep track of all your accomplishments, major contributions, and when you get positive feedback." This is a concrete way to motivate yourself, easily demonstrate your worth at review time and keep your resume up to date.

5. Get organized to set good habits

Here's your chance for a fresh start. Rehab your procrastination, 'Net surfing or any other unproductive routine you want to break. "It's a great opportunity to overcome any challenges or weaknesses from your past," she says.

Want advice on how to have a great first week on a personal level? Click below for more tips from Augustine.

via Business Insider

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