Why you should research the interviewer before your interview

Where to find information about your interviewer and how to use it

A standard piece of job-hunting advice is to research the company before your interview. But why not look into your interviewer as well?

It's a solid recommendation from AOL Jobs' Miriam Salpeter, who says it's one way to really make an impact during your interview.

"You know they will do the same for you, so you might as well be on equal ground," she notes.

Your first stop? LinkedIn. Of course, right? If that doesn't yield any interesting talking points, Salpeter suggests good 'ol Google.

Then, during the interview, if the opportunity presents itself, bring up any relevant information, but not in a creepy-stalker-type way.

"As long as it is professional and seems like something the employer would want you to know," Salpeter notes. "For example, 'I see you also attended the University of Illinois!' Or, 'I'm a big movie buff, too.' "

Researching your interviewer and the organization demonstrates that you're prepared and you do your homework - two traits any employer would covet.

via AOL Jobs

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