How to register more than five fingerprints on the iPhone 5s

Here's a cool trick to register as many fingerprints as you want on the new iPhone 5s' Touch ID

Okay, so it turns out the iPhone 5s's fingerprint security is pretty easy to get past--you don't even need to use fingers, apparently (but who wants to use toes, cat paws or nipples to unlock their phone?). One good glitch about the iPhone 5s fingerprint unlock: You can add more than just the five prints the phone tells you you're allowed to enter.

YouTube user Note Suwanchate discovered this cool trick or loophole. Instead of registering the same finger for each fingerprint slot, switch fingers during the setup and you'll be able to get past the five-finger limit. This means you can use all of your ten digits to login and register more family members' fingerprints as well. That is, if you prefer using your hands over other body parts.

Here's a video showing the process:

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