Find and fix Microsoft Office problems with Microsoft's free OffCAT utility

Sometimes you'll even find issues to troubleshoot you didn't know existed

Is a Microsoft Office program behaving weirdly for you? Want to proactively prevent big problems from happening? Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT) is a free tool to help you analyze Office and pinpoint problems.

OffCAT scans Office 2007 through 2013 to report issues such as missing updates, problematic add-ins, and even system problems that could affect Microsoft Office. Office has been running fine for me (or so I thought), but after running the scan, which took about 4 minutes for the full suite, OffCAT found problems with hyperlinks in Outlook and registry entries that could slow down Outlook.

Besides just reporting on issues, OffCAT also links to troubleshooting articles or fixes on It's a pretty robust yet easy to use tool, with options to view a few different types of reports (list, tree reports, and a run-time log). Though it's not really important, you can even change the color/theme of the program so it's easier on your eyes.

Whether you're the go-to tech support for Microsoft Office or just want to find out what's causing an Office program to crash on you, this is very handy to have in your troubleshooting tool kit. Download Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool here. [via 4sysops]

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