Want better work-at-home productivity? Put on some pants

How to stay motivated when you work at home

Working at home is attractive for a multitude of reasons, one of which is you can wear whatever you want.

However, that business-extremely-casual attitude could affect your productivity, your drive and your will to abstain from Grand Theft Auto 5 when you're supposed to be elbows deep in e-mail and reports.

Our tip : Don't buy GTA 5. It's a massive - although fun - time suck that will keep you aimlessly driving around the streets of Los Santos assaulting people, stealing cars and listening to Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" on an endless loop.

The pro trip: Get out of your pajamas.

Authors Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson literally wrote the book ("Remote: Office Not Required") on staying motivated while working remotely. They argue that getting dressed for work, just as if you were going to an office, will help you get in - and stay in - the right mindset.

The pair say there's a distinct psychological advantage to getting dressed in work clothes that will help you create a boundary between home and work life.

Another suggestion: Separate your digital devices. If you can, keep personal calls and e-mail on your phone and work calls and e-mail on your work phone. The authors say this will make it much easier to literally unplug when the work day is done and also keep you from getting distracted with personal to-dos while on company time.

Click below for more tips on work-at-home motivation.

via Business Insider

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