The war between Nook & Kindle is over and Amazon has carried the day

Source: Barnes & Noble

It seems like one of the big gadget wars of recent years is all but over. I'm talking about Nook vs Kindle, and the Kindle has won. It seems like ages ago, but as recently as last fall there was still some question about whether both systems could co-exist or if one would drive the other out of business.

But recently things have been looking grim for the Nook. On Monday Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch resigned in what Reuters called "an acknowledgement that its digital division Nook has failed to compete successfully in the e-reader and tablet markets".

Nook sales for the last quarter dropped 34% and in response, the company has stopped making the hardware and will instead focus on Nook apps on other tablets, or perhaps enter into a co-branding deal with a third party manufacturer. The Nook HD and Nook HD+ are still available for now, and at a discounted price. How long stock will last isn't clear.

There's also been talk that Barnes & Noble wants to spin off the Nook division. Any way you slice it, the Nook isn't doing so hot.

The Kindle, on the other hand, seems to be doing just fine. In fact according to Boy Genius Report, Amazon is prepping at least 3 new Kindle tablets for the coming holiday season. The sizes will be the same as the current Kindles (two with a 7" display and one with an 8.9") but resolutions will be going up. The base model will get the same display that the current Kindle HD has (1,280 x 800), the new Kindle HD will get a 1,920 x 1,200 display, while the 8.9" model will get a whopping 2,560 x 1,600. BGR points out that this means the new 8.9" Kindle display will have more pixels than the iPad's 9.7" Retina display.

Aside from screen resolution, the new Kindles should shed some weight, but BGR's sources didn't offer any details on internals. If all goes according to plan (and assuming this whole rumor is legit) pricing should stay the same.

Personally I do all my reading on a Nexus 7 using either the Kindle or the Nook app, though I'll admit the Kindle app gets more use. The exception is when I'm reading digital comics, then I grab the iPad with that big beautiful screen. What are you reading on these days, or are you still holding strong in your love for physical books?

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