How to turn an iMessage into a standard text

What if an iMessage contact is out of range, or you have something super important

Image via iLounge

Full disclosures: I have met nearly all of the staff of the blog I'm going to link here; I have nothing new to add to it; it is Friday, and I don't find a lot else interesting.

But! Here is a neat tip for iPhone owners who have a bunch of friends using iMessage, the Apple-to-Apple message service, but they can't quite, just yet, entirely trust that iMessage always gets through. If you have a contact who is out of cellular range, or for which you have a very important message, do this to switch an iMessage back over to a standard cellular-delivered text message/SMS. As suggested by iLounge's Jesse Hollington:

To do this, simply tap and hold on the undelivered message and a “Send as Text Message” option should appear in the context menu. This works even when “Send as SMS” is disabled in your settings, allowing you to decide when you’d rather send a text message for expediency or simply leave it to wait until the recipient’s device is back online.

And that's all I have for this Friday. I hope that was more helpful than rumors about a smartwatch.

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