Amazon was busy making Prime Instant Video deals in February

Source: Amazon

Yesterday Amazon had another new content announcement for their Amazon Prime Instant Video service. This time it was a deal with Scripps Networks, the folks behind channels like The Food Network, The Travel Channel, DIY Network and HGTV. Shows named in the deal include House Hunters, Iron Chef America, Cupcake Wars and Man vs Food.

This isn't a deal that's going to cause huge coverage and I almost passed it by, but I realized I've been reading about Amazon deals a lot lately. So I did some searching.

In February Amazon announced the following deals in addition to the one with Scripps:

All seasons of Downton Abbey will be an Amazon Prime exclusive starting in June. Season 1 of Downton Abbey is currently available on Netflix, but that content will be removed from the service this summer, according to Engadget.

Amazon also cut another deal with CBS, bringing more content from CBS and Showtime to Prime Instant. PaidContent says Amazon will be adding America’s Next Top Model, Everybody Loves Raymond, Jericho, The L Word, Undercover Boss and United States of Tara to their lineup.

More interesting is a deal to offer CBS's Steven King show Under the Dome on Prime Instant just four days after it airs on the TV network. CBS has been a real hold-out when it comes to streaming content, so this deal was quite surprising.

Last up, earlier this week we learned that FX Network's Justified was coming to Prime Instant. Seasons 1-3 are available now, with Season 4 coming after it ends its on-air run. Amazon also added all seven seasons of The Shield at the same time (both Justified and The Shield come from Sony Pictures Television, which is who Amazon cut the deal with).

None of these deals alone seems particularly significant (with the possible exception of Under the Dome) but gather them all together and it's pretty clear Amazon is still determined to turn Prime Instant Video into a serious Netflix competitor.

I'm a little conflicted though. On the one hand I really want Netflix to have some competition to keep them on their game. On the other hand, these exclusive deals aren't very consumer-friendly; we may wind of having to subscribe to several streaming services in order to get everything we want.

Of course you could probably subscribe to every streaming service there is and still pay less than you do for a cable TV package.

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