UFO databases for extraterrestrial seekers

Hey aliens, someone's keeping track of your visits to Earth

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"The truth is out there." As many of you know, that was the memorable tagline for The X-Files, a classic science fiction television show from the 1990s that featured detectives Mulder and Scully chasing down leads about aliens from space and paranormal phenomena. But what if the truth is "in there," with there being one of many databases storing information about unidentified flying objects? Here are a few of the UFO databases accessible via the Internet. Happy searching. The National UFO Reporting Center Online Database -- UFO reports in this database are broken into four indexes: event date, state, shape of UFO and date posted. In a disclaimer, the NUFORC writes that it "makes no claims as to the validity of the information in any of these reports. Obvious hoaxes have been omitted, however most reports have been posted exactly as received in the author's own words." *U* UFO Database -- This database claims 18,552 UFO sights on record. What type of reports are included? How about "Foo fighters, ghost rockets, flying saucers, disks, cones, domes, wheels, spheres, probes, deltoids, flying triangles, cylinders; boomerang, lens and related shapes; landings, robots and even humanoid occupants." That just about covers everything, one would imagine. This site's disclaimer is quite entertaining: "Discovered hoaxes and misidentified mundane events are weeded out. Fireballs, night-lights and similar phenomena with low information content are passed over. *U* does not catalog miracles, chupacabras, bigfoot, crop circles, folklore, ghosts, paranormal, new-age nor Fortean events unless clearly UFO related. Cult and contactee tales are extremely suspect. None of this proves or disproves the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), alien abductions, time travel, extra space dimensions or even wilder theories." OK, then. UFOdB.com -- There are plenty of pictures and even videos of reported UFO sightings in this database. UFOdB also includes a "search engine with powerful criterias to search the UFO database and a Google Map with a pointer showing where UFO sightings took place." The database files include synopses, date, country, region, city, latitude and longitude. Now read this:

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