Science Wednesday: Random universe, life is meaningless

Unless you win tonight's PowerBall jackpot

The world of animated science videos has gotten pretty depressing lately, if you're of the mindset that there's a reason we're all here or that there's a greater purpose to life in general.


First up, we have this video from AsapSCIENCE, in which the entirety of life on Earth is compressed to a 24-hour day - basically humans have been around for 2 minutes of the lifespan of Earth. Wooo!

Earlier in the week, we saw another video from Internet Science Hipster Neil deGrasse Tyson and MinutePhysics (Internet team-up! Heads exploding!), in which they discuss why the universe basically has no purpose and is completely random.

Of course, if the universe is completely random and serves no purpose, that's the perfect time for me to win tonight's PowerBall jackpot. But of course, pesky mathematics always get in the way, telling everyone buying those tickets how unlikely they are to be the winner. Take it away, mainstream media!

Here's a suggestion: anyone who knows any of these science people, go up to them and give them a hug or sing them a Christmas Carol - they need to cheer up some.

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