Supercut: Lego Lord of the Rings game cutscenes in one video

Watch the trilogy through Lego animation

My son and I have completed the story mode of the Lego Lord of the Rings video game (we're now doing all of the side quests and unlocking characters), but one thing we noticed is the large amount of video cutscenes offered between missions.


Someone else noticed, too, and took all of the cutscenes and edited them into a 90-minute video. Because the game uses the same voices from the original movies, the supercut is basically recreating several scenes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. While some of the scenes are missing (because they're represented by the game's missions), you can still basically show this to your kids if you don't want them to see the movie yet. It also includes the Lego animations and the game's silly sense of humor (for example, Boromir gets shot with a banana). Enjoy!

This is quite amazing, as it also lets you quickly watch scenes that you may have missed during the game without having to replay the level (especially some of the beginning scenes).

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