Rats on Mars or nuts on Earth? You decide!

Video making Internet rounds purports to show rodent on Martian surface

ITworld/Steve Traynor

Did you know that NASA is hiding evidence that the Curiosity rover has discovered life on Mars? And by that I don't mean evidence of past life on Mars, or some dinky little microbes. I'm talking small mammals, in particular the bane of health inspectors and urban dwellers on Earth -- the common rat. Of course, what I just wrote is utter nonsense. Anyone with a passing understanding of science and biology knows that mammals generally need some things called oxygen and food to survive. Sadly (for the imagined rats, anyway), these appear to be in scant supply on the Red Planet. Also, while rats certainly are a hardy species, I'm fairly certain they are not yet impervious to the effects of excessive radiation. But that hasn't stopped some guy from posting a "smoking gun" video on YouTube that's making the rounds of various conspiracy and lunacy websites. Check out the video below and prepare to be amazed that someone might actually believe this!

I can't decide which is my favorite part of the video: The running commentary ("I was stunned when I found this," "This is smoking gun evidence of LIFE ON MARS! And I would like anyone to prove differently!") or the dramatic zooming in of the camera to the "evidence," which is either a rock that sort of looks like a rodent or an actual rat photo-shopped into the picture. I will grant that the guy makes a couple of valid observations: 1) "Rocks do not have tails" and 2) Well, actually there's just the thing about the rocks not having tails. Who knows, maybe when Elon Musk's 80,000-person Mars colony is up and running, Mars will be a hotbed of rodent activity. But right now, no. It's a god-awful small affair. Now read this:

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