Another Man of Steel trailer hits the InterWeb

Will comic fans line up for Superman film like they did with Avengers, Batman?

The first trailer for next year's Man of Steel movie, which came out at about the time that the Dark Knight Rises film released, was underwhelming (in my humble opinion).


Today Warner Brothers put out the second official trailer, and this one again starts really slow, focusing more on Clark Kent and Pa Kent, before it ramps it up near the end and we actually get to see some action.

I'm still not ready to proclaim this "Squee!"-worthy just yet. I'm still a big fan of the original Superman films - at least I and II (not the Richard Pryor one or the "Quest for Peace" dreck), so for me it's been more about the villains (show me Lex Luthor or General Zod) than the hero.

What do you think about this latest trailer?

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