Addressing the document workflow monster in education

Finding a document workflow solution with software to manage curriculum workflow, and that will manage all printers across a campus or district will improve teacher efficiency and lower overall costs.

Some have called schools “education factories that run on paper”. Students hate getting papers, teachers hate grading papers, and administrators hate buying paper. Addressing the paper monster can save administrators money and teachers time, at least with the right printer.

Finding a printer vendor with software to manage curriculum workflow that results in printed pages will improve teacher efficiency and lower your overall printer costs. Managing all the printers on campus or across the district will magnify your savings in time and money.

For example, Canon's uniFLOW software controls access to printers, routes jobs to the best printer for speed and cost savings, and provides security controls to manage student printer use. Just verifying that a large print job is submitted by an authenticated student will reduce wasted printing. Smart printers that read student ID cards make the transition to a managed print environment even easier.

And when students are involved, so are federal guidelines about personal information. Intelligent printing software can hold a printout of sensitive information until an authorized user provides proper credentials. Multifunction printers used for incoming fax service can reduce printing by routing faxes to email boxes, so sensitive printouts are not laying in the printout tray available to non-authorized users.

Teachers never have enough time, so efficiency boosters such as storing often-used forms directly in the printer save time each and every day. Lesson plans, permission slips, and other regular items can be stored and shared across campus, saving time and reducing paper waste.

Modern intelligent printers are good for non-printing functions, as well. Integrating workflow processes with scanned material, for example, makes it easy to scan a page and have copies automatically emailed to students. Since this type of mailing list can be secured at the printer, student privacy guidelines are managed by IT rather than individual teachers.

The amount of printing done in schools demands printers with high capacity, reliability, and intelligent management. In a high school with 2,000 or more students, the page count per day can be amazing. High capacity paper storage, paper bin flexibility to speed output, and printer ruggedness and dependability make for less stressful school days. No printer may mean no lessons for many classes.

Since every teacher has different class and assignment requirements, a printer with a large control panel and easy all-in-one processes assigned to buttons saves time during busy school days. Add in the ability to customize the display, so printers for the English department are modified for their needs, versus the needs of the printer in the history department, and teachers can focus not on fighting their printers but on educating their students.

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