Today’s document solutions: New printing, more features, less training

Choosing the right document solution leads to getting the right printer, improving employee efficiency with the right workflow decisions, and skips all those boring training classes.

A modern multifunction printer (MFP) may have more features than any printer your users have seen before. But what could be a training nightmare will, with the right printer, turns into a productivity booster.

Replacing an older printer with a modern MFP improves workflow, speeds collaboration, and reduces cost. But coworkers looking to just copy a single page may be overwhelmed by the choices in some MFPs.

With the right printer, however, the large LCD display will comfort and guide users. For instance, Canon's imageRUNNER ADVANCE includes a customizable control panel to speed user interaction and improve results.

By adding the company logo to the display, the Canon makes users feel more comfortable. The main menu can be arranged to show only the typical business functions needed at that location. Therefore, users need only touch a button or two for the results they need. Buttons can even be moved or reduced to cut down on screen clutter.

Large display screens allow users to preview stored documents before printing them, saving paper and time. App-like icons lead users through more advanced printing functions when necessary.

Users expect displays to provide helpful information at every turn, so a printer with help screens where appropriate will reduce the number of tech support calls. But with a customizable interface stepping through the most common workflow requirements, the question mark icon may rarely be touched.

Printer management across the network also improves user productivity by allowing IT to modify or adjust printer settings remotely. No time is wasted walking to the printer, and the user needing the adjustment can stay on the phone with support to verify needed changes have been made.

Intelligent printer client software also eliminates many mistakes by clarifying printer workflow options at the start of a print job. Being able to manage, prepare, and monitor documents from the user's PC speeds the process along.

Using the “multi” part of a multifunction printer means scanning and distributing material. Intelligent tools like Canon's Workflow Composer lets companies put all-in-one process buttons right on the printer display panel. When the user need press only a single button, mistakes disappear while workflow marches on.

Security for modern printers keeps sensitive documents out of the reach of the wrong people, and restricts access to those with authorization. Users locked out of secured folders will never see the documents, and therefore can't cause problems.

That's how modern, smart printers speed work without the need for time-consuming training. The proper acquisition process leads to the right printer, which then leads workers to the right workflow decisions. And skips all those boring training classes.

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