Do drugs help programmers?

Can marijuana, LSD or other psychedelic drugs help programmers write better code?

marijuana-600x450_0.jpgREUTERS/Andres Stapff
Is this the key to better code - or just the munchies?

Election Day 2012 has come and gone and, aside from President Obama and his supporters, one of the happiest groups has to be marijuana smokers. Pot smokers are by definition, a pretty happy bunch anyways, but they must be extra pleased that Colorado and Washington passed ballot initiatives to legalize the recreational use of it. My own state of Massachusetts passed an initiative to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Note to self: see primary care physician about my “achy back.”

Yesterday’s big wins for Mary Jane, of course, begs raises the obvious question: what does this mean for programmers?

Ok, maybe it’s not such an obvious question, but I ask because there’s been chatter recently in programmer discussion forums about whether drugs can actually help produce better code

This discussion quickly gets bogged down in the weeds - er, details. What type of drugs are we talking about? Marijuana? LSD? Cocaine? Caffeine? And what do you mean by “better code”? Fewer bugs? Code that solves a problem in a more elegant fashion? Better (or at least more entertaining) comments?

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