Here's all the crapware that comes with new Windows 8 PCs

Windows PCs have a long history of coming packed with space-hogging and performance-crippling crapware. Check out this list of the crapware that comes with new PCs, according to the OEMs themselves

Crapware. Windows laptop and desktop PC buyers are used to all that extraneous preloaded software, but you'd think after all this time and negative press about crapware, we'd see the end of it with new Windows 8 PCs. Wrong. InformationWeek asked several PC makers (Dell, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, and Lenovo) to list the software that comes preloaded on their new Windows 8 systems, and crapware is still alive and well.

Some types of preloaded software are essential (e.g., hardware drivers) and other perhaps at least sensible (e.g., pen input management tools). Trial software and other third-party software, however, plainly are not only unnecessary but oftentimes problematic. Internet security suites and "system performance boosting tools" can really drag down a system. Windows 8 already comes with anti-malware built-in with Windows Defender, so packing in trial versions of Norton Internet Security or McAfee Internet Security Suite is pretty offensive (you can't or at least shouldn't run a third-party suite and Windows Defender at the same time.)

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Look at all the OEM software Acer preloads in the Acer Aspire 7600U: AcerCloud Docs, Acer Recovery Management, Acer Identity Card, Acer Live Update, Acer Accessory Store, Acer Initiatives, Acer Explorer, AcerCloud Portal

And all the third-party apps pre-installed: Wild Tangent®, Media, Photo, Cyberlink® MediaEspresso, AIR Gesture, McAfee® Internet Security Suite, Hotkey Utility, MyWinLocker Suite, Nero 12 Essentials, Amazon weblink, Gomaji (Taiwan only), Lovefilm® web link, MyET, Spotify™, Evernote®, Communication, Skype™, Kindle, News Xpresso, Txtr, Hulu, IVI.RU, Netflix, 7Digital, Spotify™, TuneIn, Amazon®, eBay®, Rakuten Gateway, Adera, Cut The Rope, Mahjong, Minesweeper, Pinball FX2, Shark Dash, Solitaire, Tap Tiles, Treasures of Montezuma III, Wild Tangent®, Wordament, ChaCha®, Crystal Eye, Encyclopaedia Britannica, iCookbook™, Merriam Webster, WeatherBug, StumbleUpon, Travel, Ctrip

It's crazy that even the business-oriented Lenovo ThinkPad Twist comes with third-party crapware (e.g., AccuWeather and Fruit Ninja), since business systems typically have less crapware.

The crapware issue is so bad that Microsoft even has "Signature"-branded PCs whose biggest selling point is the lack of trialware. An upgrade that costs a crazy $99.

Instead of paying nearly a hundred bucks, just use PC Decrapifier.

See what the PC makers admit they're loading onto their new Windows 8 systems on InformationWeek.

Image by Steve Woods

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