Science Monday: MinutePhysics teams with VSauce for a What-if-a-palooza

Top science vloggers give us 10 minutes of awesomeness

My head is about to explode from the science goodness going on today with two videos courtesy of Henry (MinutePhysics) and Michael (Vsauce), my absolute favorite science video bloggers on YouTube. The two have teamed up to produce their videos this week, and the topics are stellar as usual. The what-if scenarios they are asking boggle the mind, but also get you to think about the world and universe around us.


Henry takes on the question "What if we dug a tunnel all the way through the middle of the Earth?" and explains why it probably wouldn't work.

At the end of the video, we get an invitation to watch Michael's video, which tackles issues of more universal importance, such as what happens if you fire a gun in space to orbit the moon, and other such "what if" questions. In fact, there are so many what ifs offered up here, it's like I'm watching this in a parallel universe.

At the end, we're stuck in a video time loop of source, with each vlogger asking us to visit the other guy's video page. Aaaah!

Great stuff from both channels, thanks for the team-up!

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