Is this Nokia teaser ad the worst one ever?

Woman on bicycle means there's a new phone coming? Umm, what?

Nokia and Microsoft have some kind of announcement planned for next Wednesday, Sept. 5. Most people are thinking it's Windows Phone 8, but you'd never be able to tell that from this teaser ad, which Nokia released today.


In the 21-second clip, we see a smiling, happy female bicyclist riding around what appears to be "the docks" of some kind of city, and the tag line "Things are about to change" on Sept. 5.

While this video certainly has people talking, they're all talking about the confusing nature of the ad, not the actual product. Maybe it's the parent in me, but I kept thinking that this woman needs to wear a bike helmet and shouldn't be riding a bike in that short a dress.

Maybe it's the video editor in me who has seen a ton of viral videos, and I kept waiting for the woman to slam into the side of a truck or other obstacle, in the hopes of viral video gold.

Maybe I'm just annoyed by the acoustic guitar music playing in the background - I blame Apple and all its touchy-feely music to try to appeal to the non-techies out there. It makes me want to scream.

Speaking of touchy-feely, check out this video ad from Google for its Nexus 7 - it's aimed strictly at one-child families who still have some disposable income and can spend time reading to their child and construct blanket rocketships and cardboard rockets in the backyard. And again, with the awful acoustic guitar music.

Anyway, we'll all know what is "about to change" from Nokia on Sept. 5, but I'm pretty confident that the world isn't really going to change that much. We'll still have to put up with ads featuring acoustic guitars and happy, smiling people all enjoying their technology and flowers and sunshine and puppy dogs.

I think I need some coffee.

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