Nokia admits faking phone video

First rule of video editing - watch the background!

Nokia has a bit of egg on its face after several sites, including The Verge, revealed that part of Nokia's video for the Lumia 920 smartphone was faked.


In the video, a happy girl is riding a bicycle (without a helmet!), and her hipster boyfriend is allegedly shooting the video with the new phone. The video then offers up a split-screen, showing the difference between an un-stabilized camera and the OIS feature, which is supposed to make things less shaky.

One problem, though - during the OIS video portion, the bicyclists pass a truck that has a mirror on it, and the mirror image reveals not the hipster boyfriend, but rather a cameraman inside a van, alongside some lights. The camera is definitely NOT the phone, but rather a bigger camera (either a DSLR or other big camera).

Nokia has since issued an apology for the confusion (aka, "Oops, we got caught"). I'm sure the video editor responsible for this gaffe is now somewhere in a remote location in Finland.

This site also suggests that Nokia faked some still images, but that's not as cool as seeing the guy in the van with a non-phone-camera.

Nokia has also uploaded a new video that shows the differences between a non-OIS phone and one with OIS, which doesn't look faked as long as you ignore the UFO in the background (just kidding, Nokia!)

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