Twitter for Mac development stopped, says little birdie

A tweet from MG Siegler says no more updates for the soon-to-be orphaned Twitter for Mac.

When Twitter acquired Tweetie over two years ago, Twitter for Mac was part of the deal. The program hasn't been updated in over a year, so this news won't shock the users of Twitter for Mac, but it may make them sad, as it did MG Siegler in his tweet announcement.

9to5Mac says Twitter for Mac hasn't been updated to support the Retina display on MacBook Pro, and lacks integration into the Mountain Lion notification system. Whether Twitter for Mac users adopt to Twitter through their browser, or go to third-party Twitter apps, remains to be seen.

It's always about the Benjamins

They want folks on the web seeing ads.

technochick on

will they force us to use browser so they can add 357 ads to make more $ ?

pittpanthersfan on

They probably are shifting to make Twitter web-only for better ad display.

Mitch Ribar on

No problem here

I don't use the native twitter app for mac any way.

iLikeTech_ on

Twitter's target market doesn't care about a mac desktop client. That's why it won't damage Twitter in the slighest. It's a shame, but it's true.

Stephen Robinson on

The quicker twitter dies the better.

striker33 on


So let me get this straight. Twitter don't want other developers creating clients which mimic theirs - and then they abandon their own?

rtscliement on

More than likely Apple is working with Twitter on advanced functionality via Services that allows more app collaboration with Twitter so continuing to extend functionality to a client app seems redundant.

mdriftmeyer on

They should seriously reconsider this very bad decision. How much work is it to maintain and support a Twitter App - for God's sake?

Eric Matthews on

Do you use Twitter for Mac? Do you use Twitter from your desktop at all?

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