Chinese clone GooPhone arrives before the real Apple iPhone 5, first shot in patent battle

New Chinese phone company's plan to avoid patent lawsuits from Apple: create a knockoff and patent it before the real iPhone 5 comes out.

According to Giz-China, the GooPhone is based on the leaked hardware details about the iPhone 5, but runs the Android operating system from Google. Following the rumors, the GooPhone has a four inch “retina” screen display at 1,280x720, and the smaller dock connector that upset Apple fans, since their existing peripherals won't work with the new iPhone 5.

GooPhone is thought to be the product of a 500-employee company called Shenzhen Shenma Lianzhong e-Commerce. The company has claimed to patent the relevant physical details of their pseudo-iPhone 5, making for a potential showdown in Chinese courts that could possibly lead to a sales ban on the Apple product.

Patent go-round

"The Patent strikes back!"

CuralHack on

Totally Identical, look it even features a Bee on the back. What??? These phones will be far from identical. The author is smoking something.

zorro869 on

How can you say it is a iphone 5 lookalike if no one even knows what the new iphone 5 looks like?

Pepe on

IP attitude

Scumbag leeches riding on the back of other peoples hard work and worse trying to make them pay for it, deserve to burn in hell.

Jarkko Lempiainen on

According to Apple, if it can make phone calls, it's a copy of the iPhone.

jsgaetano on

It is like all the car manufacturers: They know that their products are going to be copied but yet they still decide to produce and sell cars in Chinese joint productions because the market is just to important. If Apple wants to overtake Samsung, they have to be more present in China where Samsung is the No.1 smart phone seller by a large margin

beckman22 on

Words for Apple

Just imagine how much harder it would be for China to copy Apple's phone if it were manufactured in America.

jsgaetano on

if these guys filed first, that means apple would be infringing on GOOphones trademarks. no i5 i china. hahaha! it serves apple right for trying to eliminate competition. it goes both ways.

rightfromwrong on

As businessmen, the Chinese government knows it is in their interest to please Apple in the long run.

Darrin Tisdale on

Do you think the GooPhone is a clever legal tactic against the iPhone 5, or does this just make you even more hungry for real patent reform?

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