Facebook bought Instagram so Google buys Snapseed

German Nik Software, makers of the photography app Snapseed, agree to be acquired by Google for an undisclosed sum.

If Google's goal is to offer improved photo editing capabilities, they have done so. Snapseed may only have 9 million app users, but they offer similar filters and editing tools to those in Instagram. Since Google has done a good job integrating Flickr employees into Google+, Snapseed users hope the same will be true of this new acauisition.

While Snapseed was the impetus for the move, Nik Software offers other photo apps like Color Efex Pro and Dfine. But while Snapseed matches Instagram on filters and features, Instagram had many times the audience of Snapseed, and Google+ still yearns for more users.

Snapseed and Nik Software

Snapseed is a great little iOS App, I hope they don’t completely gut it in their move to integrate it into G+.

albooher on theverge.com

As a pro photographer, this terrifies me. Nik *also* makes a critical set of photo adjustment tools. That these tools aren't even mentioned in today's coverage is, for me, chilling. :(

GingerCat on huffingtonpost.com

SnapSpeed is crap, real photographers use Nik's Pro Plugins. Hopefully Google does not screw Nik customers. Silver EFEX and Color EFEX are amazing tools.

Bob H on wired.com

Facebook and Instagram

The only reason Facebook allow Instagram to continue seemingly independently is to continue mining the social connections Instagram offers them. Either through Instagram’s network or the enourmous amounts of location etc data it gathers.

UncleBobbings on theverge.com

Instagram had a competitor? Who knew.

christoperallenjoseph on huffingtonpost.com

Not sure how you compare Nik Software to Instagram. Instagram is a social network with some filters. SnapSpeed is true photo editing software that includes filters.

Walt Danker on wired.com

Wheeling and dealing

Suddenly I feel even sadder for Hipstamatic. First Facebook asks Instagram to the prom, then Google asks Snapseed. Who will be Hipstamatic's Duckie?

w smith on huffingtonpost.com

It’s more about stomping out competition before they can get too big. Instagram is a great example because it was basically becoming a social network for photo sharing. That was a threat to FaceBook. Google picked up SnapSeed because they are very much a bullet-point type of company. If FaceBook has Instagram then Google needs something to say they have it too.

UptownDonkey on theverge.com

Google didn't just buy 'an instagram', they just took a step towards making google+ instagram. and instagram users are much more loyal than facebook users to pull away.

Vaughan Knight on wired.com

Do you use Snapseed? If so, are you happy or sad that Google snapped them up?

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