Ahoy! Talk Like A Pirate Day, September 19

International Talk Like A Pirate Day booty includes free doughnuts and free Broadway tickets for 100 pirates with the best 'stache.

Started by Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy (John Baur and Mark Summers, respectively) back in 1995, Talk Like A Pirate Day really took off when Dave Barry mentioned it in a column back in 2002 (Arrrr! Talk like a pirate – or prepare to be boarded). Since then, it's become the International Talk Like A Pirate Day, mentioned in a variety of pop culture outlets high on humor and low on discrimination.

Hear Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy explain the rudiments of pirate-talking with “The Five A's.” This short video lesson will get you started well enough to drive your more straight-laced coworkers absolutely bonkers. When they protest, point them to the Official Webpage, and let the conscriptions begin.

Booty! There's booty!

Booty includes a free doughnut at participating Krispy Kreme locations when speaking all pirate-y to the staff. They suggest sayings like, “Ahoy, Matey!” when entering, calling people “Landlubber!” or alternately “Sea Dog!” and giving your trash the “Heave Ho!” when cleaning up and leaving.

If you're in New York City, and want the treasure of a free ticket to see Peter and the Starcatcher, a musical based on the children's book series by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson (soon to be a major motion picture), participate in their Stache Day. Honoring Black Stache, the villain, the first 100 pirate folk with black mustaches (of any kind) appearing at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre box office by 10:00AM, will win a free ticket to the show today. The best three staches, as chosen by Dave Barry, will get two tickets and a post-show backstage tour. If you're curious, the Peter in the title is Peter Pan, and the musical acts as a prequel to author J. M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy (made into the movie Peter Pan by Disney).

History buffs can read up on the origions of ITLAPD on WikiPedia, and join the official group on Facebook.

Handy slogans for IT pirates forced to deal with landlubbers today:

Ay, I'll reset your password, for a gold doubloon.
Avast, ye-olde servers are down for maintenance at midnight.
Arrgh, I've told you before, that's not a cup holder.
Forget your password again, and I'll make you walk the plank (don't say this one out loud).

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