Ubuntu project puts over 220,000 Linux desktops in Spanish schools

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Education market version Guadalinex EDU installed by Isotrol in Andalulsia, Spain.

According to The Var Guy, Canonical provided a Premium Service Engineer to support the Spanish school effort sold and managed by Isotrol, a Spanish engineer and technical support company. The 220,000 desktops are spread across about 2,000 schools and will be used by students and teachers.

The choice of Guadalinex EDU (based on Ubuntu) rather than the education-specific Edubuntu may be a clue that Canonical should look to refresh or drastically revise their educational offering. A new, integrated IT infrastructure helps connect over 1,500 of the schools using Ubuntu Linux.

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Thats great news, Ubuntu could get more momentum if schools take this OS into their programms, and could get a more masive user base to give free software to people

Como Instalar Linux on thevarguy.com

Great to see Ubuntu having awesome success after sticking with the Desktop model. Too bad others abandoned their plans... Rock on, Ubuntu!

Sudip Doshi on ostatic.com

Migrating to Linux on the desktop -- and Ubuntu in particular -- can make a lot of financial sense for all the national and regional governments, school systems, and other governmental bodies which are currently budget-constrained around the planet.

cs702 on news.ycombinator.com

Long road ahead

It will have a difficult job disrupting the U.S. market. But in emerging markets, Ubuntu still enjoys momentum with schools and gov’t organizations in particular.

-TVG on thevarguy.com

good news. there's other regions in Spain following similar route. Galicia from 2 years is using netbooks with ubuntu inside

Xose M on ostatic.com

It's hard to know if it makes sense or not without the actual number. Microsoft gives 90% discounts to EDU...

edwinnathaniel on news.ycombinator.com

Won't matter

Mint – for students. OpenSuse – for the rest. Ubuntu had your chance & fkup it up.

Sean1e on thevarguy.com

As someone who is currently in a school that uses only free and/or open source software I have to say that this is a terrible idea.

bjarkijonasson on news.ycombinator.com

As a spaniard *nix lover who has finished high school recently, I'd like to point out something... 0K, there are lots of installations, but being honest, among the students is very impopular, almost all of them have always been using Window$ at home... Also there are a few teachers that even know what Linux of whatever different to Microsoft's software is.

javierhonduco on news.ycombinator.com

Do you think using Linux in schools helps or hurts the students, who only have access to Windows and OS X on home computers? Please share any first-hand experiences.

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