32-year-old talks to 12-year-old self via VHS

Viral video either genius or a nice little hoax

This video is currently trending upwards, in which a 32-year-old man finds a VHS tape of himself at age 12, and he has a conversation with himself. This is either the longest-ever-wait for a video to be completed (at which point, 12-year-old guy gets a high 5 for thinking of this and then waiting 20 years), or a pretty good hoax (I'm betting hoax). There are some cool Doctor Who and Star Wars references as well (Don't blink or you'll miss them).

This is cool in so many ways - the discussion about what we would tell our future selves (or, reverse that, what your future self would tell your younger self, to avoid certain things), the time travel fun (how does the younger self react to the images/knowledge of future self?), the regret (older self looks at some of the things he forgot that he loved). It's not just a viral video, it opens up some interesting topics for the YouTube (and Reddit) discussion boards.

Of course, it's probably a hoax, but if it isn't, I'm going to have to create a video for my 64-year-old self (yikes!) and hoping that in 20 years that I've hit the lottery or other sort of wealth, and then can look back at blog-writing me with wistful happiness (not regret).

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