James Bond meets My Little Pony: Mashup gold

Watch the Skyfall trailer, performed by animated ponies

This video clip is genius in a couple of ways. First, YouTuber cloverfieldmoster was able to post this video after only a few days after the original trailer (for the new James Bond movie, "Skyfall").


Second, it's a mashup of genres you'd never think possible: James Bond and the characters from My Little Pony. Rainbow Dash as James Bond and Princess Celestia as M? Brilliant. And before you ask, I'm not a Brony, I've seen the show because I have two young daughters.

This isn't the first mashup this person has done, either. Check out other clips, including My Little Pony mashups with the Mad Men opening, the Amazing Spider-man trailer, The Avengers trailer, and of course, The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Definitely worth hitting the "subscribe" button on this account.

And just in case you missed the James Bond Skyfall trailer, here it is:

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