Things people hate about Git

Git is necessary, Git is popular, but Git is also painful. A groundswell of aggravation recently erupted.

Back in February, Steve Bennett wrote "10 thinks I hate about Git." In July, Amplicate opened their Git Hate forum, now full of page after page of comments (with 78 percent voting they hate Git). And the argument grew more heated in Hacker News this weekend.

Of course, good programmers often feel they could have written every program better. And since Git is used by programmers, all with strong opinions, clashes develop, and documentation suffers. Github comes in for its share of abuse, as well. To support many types of projects, does Git have to be as abstract and frustrating as it is now?

Git trash

I think it’s hard to use because its developers never tried, and because they don’t value good user interfaces – including command lines. Git doesn’t say “sorry about the complexity, we’ve done everything we can to make it easy”, it says “Git’s hard, deal with it”.

steveko on

In all seriousness it is by far the hardest source control provider I have ever used for reasons that I cant ever comprehend.

Greg G on

I *HATE* git because too many developers have inextricably woven it into the very work-flow of their development tools and libraries.

gitdafugadaheya on

Amen! I've felt like this for so long.

crazygringo on

Git love

I would argue that the complex set of commands, and even some of the inconsistency, is for the sake of easy extension and integration.

Andrew on

Git is alright. You can learn it just like anything else. Yeah, it could have been simpler.

robomortin on

Think about this …

Git is not meant to be user friendly or uncomplicated to beginners. Anybody who tells you otherwise is pulling your leg. Mercurial is meant to be (and still survives because of it), but it’s not quite as powerful as a result.

Tim Dettrick on

Tortoise SVN is easy to use and has a nice repo browser. Tortoise Git is crap, non-intuitive, has no repo browser, the documentation is crap and there is no online user community.

Sam B on

A recurring complaint seems to be that "git add" is not the same as "svn add". I don't see why it would be. It's not the same as "ssh-add" or "useradd" either.

klodolph on

Github != git. For the record, I love github and I really don't find it that hard to use, or anything so complex that I can't do it fairly quickly.

chris_wot on

Do you love or hate Git?

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