University of Florida fumbles Computer Science budget to athletics

UF cuts $1.7 million Computer Sciences department, boosts athletic budget $2 million to $99 million.

Florida, hard hit by the Great Recession, slashed university funding. The University of Florida, dealing with a 30 percent budget cut over the past six years, decided to "defund" their Computer Science department. This will save $1.7 million. Supposedly, this has no relation to the addition of $2 million to the budget of the athletic department.

Outrage abounds, and of course the CS proponents put up a website. Just two days before Florida governor Rick Scott announced the UF cuts, he announced the creation of the new Florida Polytechnic University, near Tampa. That school's goal? To help boost the number of Florida graduates in such areas as computer science.


The Administration is insane! This will deal a severe blow to UF’s Engineering program.

Leor Amikam on

That will do wonders for UF employment/salary stats.

ahi on

WTF is going on here? Is UF losing sight of what is a PRIORITY?

Giancarlo Panini on


Guess who just switched into UF's Computer Science department this past semester?

I2ain on

I'd call the dean of every top 30 CS program in the country and personally ask him/her about transferring into their programs. Turn this news into a positive for you.

MillardFillmore on

I went to UF. The athletic department is completely self-funded through donations, sponsorships, media rights deals, ticket sales, etc., and actually contributes about $5mm per year back to academics.

culturestate on

Let's blame someone

All that seems to indicate, to me, is that the entire college is run terribly.

beedogs on

the choices made were by the administration. They could have done many things other than destroying.

sporkster on

I unequivocally put science at a higher standard in my book, but like it or not, entertainment is of equal or close importance to the human species in the world we live in.

Magtzer on

Any ideas on how to save two percent of the $100 million athletic budget to keep 100 percent of the CS department?

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