Install third party codecs in Ubuntu 12.04

How to add codecs for MP3, flash, Microsoft fonts and DVD playback

Here's how you can add third party codecs to Ubuntu 12.04 for MP3, flash, Microsoft fonts, and DVD playback.

There are two ways to do this:

1. The easiest way is to choose to add these extras when you install Ubuntu 12.04. Watch for the screen that asks you if you want to add third party codecs and download updates while Ubuntu 12.04 is installing.

2. If you didn't install the codecs while installing Ubuntu 12.04, here's how you can get them.

Open the Ubuntu Software Center.

Do a search on "codecs" (without quotes) and you'll find something called Ubuntu Restricted Extras. That's the package you want.

Click the Install button and all of the third party codecs will be available in Ubuntu 12.04.

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