FSF President Stallman falls ill at conference

Reported to be released from medical attention

Richard Stallman, suffered from health problems during a talk he was giving this afternoon in Barcelona, eventually suspending the rest of his talk.

This is counter to some reports on social media that he apparently had a heart attack.

Stallman, 59, speaking today at the North Campus of the Polytechnic University of Cataluna on the dangers of a digital society. He was about halfway through his talk when he began to feel the effects of what was reported in the Spanish press to be high blood pressure or hypertension.

Stallman told organizers of the event that he was feeling ill and asked if they could call a doctor. He continued with his speech, continued to speak, albeit with a few difficulties, keeping his sense of humor through much of the incident.

For instance, when the ambulance crew took over 20 minutes to arrive, Stallman made light of recent austerity cuts that have hit Spain. With light irony, he told the audience, "Here's the truth, [Spain President Mariano] Rajoy wants to kill us all," which drew laughs from the 400 people in the audience.

When the ambulance did arrive, Stallman was treated in a separate room. A few minutes later, the audience was informed that the conference would be suspended indefinitely.

While it is not known what his eventual health status was, but Stallman was reported to have left the building later under his own power.

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