Facebook IPO, NASDAQ glitches, and $100 million complaints

Unnamed hedge fund manager claims his $100 million Facebook position was mishandled and the price should have jumped to $60 or $70.

Of course, since there's no name, no verification, and no confirming source, this could be a disgruntled investor priming the lawsuit pump against Facebook, NASDAQ, or both. But the accusation that technology failed the largest tech IPO in history (and the third largest ever) could shake the ground in many areas.

Allegations are that NASDAQ knew it couldn't handle the IPO and went ahead anyway. Traders couldn't get confirmation of prices for buy and sell orders, potentially losing millions. A form NASDAQ released on Monday had the affect of encouraging traders to dump tens of millions of shares. The self-proclaimed "blue collar Wall Street guy" didn't say how much he lost of his $100 million, or how much he gained.

Bad from the start

This stock is severly overpriced and deserves to trade south of 10.00. Those who bought at the IPO of 38.00 made poor investment decisions.

radicallycdn on yahoo.com

What this meant for me and most everyone else was that I was locked out of the market for the first 2 hours after IPO and my assets were frozen. I could neither buy nor sell.

dangero on news.ycombinator.com

This is going to fall SQUARELY on two shoulders - the lead underwriter, and NASDAQ.

Sorry But... on businessinsider.com

I love this story on so many levels. Firstly there is the irony of a "blue collar hedge fund manager" There's the fact the lack of an IPO bump means Facebook equity holders are the people who made money out of it, instead of the investment banks buying at the opening and hoping to sell at the bump price.

nl on news.ycombinator.com

New name for sucker

Expecting "hype" around the IPO to support ONE HUNDRED BILLION dollars of extra valuation is beyond stupid.

powera on news.ycombinator.com


Jordan on yahoo.com

They're mad because they couldn't make a quick buck. Isn't a hedge fund just gambling?

dos1 on news.ycombinator.com

Sounds fishy

There's nothing blue collar about being a "partner" in a hedge fund.

The Doppleganger on yahoo.com

only a rookie buys the open of IPO. Either you are in pre-ipo, or you wait a month to get some sort of trend going.

Edward on businessinsider.com

While the circumstances of the FB are true, this story is entirely made up for demonstrative purposes...Lame, Lame, Lame!!!

Stu on yahoo.com

Let's hear some sympathy for hedge fund managers. Anyone? No one feels sorry for blue collar hedge fund partners?

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