William Shatner talks microchips in this 1976 film

A post-Star Trek, pre-TJ Hooker guides us through the world of microprocessors

After hinting about this in previous video releases, the AT&T Tech Channel has produced the 1976 film (revised in 1980) that William Shatner did for them covering the world of microchips. Called "Microworld", the 14-minute film has a post-Star Trek, pre-TJ Hooker Shatner narrating and talking about silicon wafers, the birth of the transistor, and making predictions about how much information could be stored on a chip that seem quite small compared with today's modern storage capacities.

The film has a "sit and watch this during a rainy day in high school" feel to it, but it's still very cool to see Shatner using his Trek cred to talk technology, and I'm very happy that AT&T released this film for modern-day YouTubers to watch and learn.

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