The SteamBox rumor is just that: a rumor

Last Monday I reported on the "SteamBox," a rumored console PC that The Verge told us would be coming from Valve Software. My question at the time was how this hypothetical SteamBox differed from a PC. In the end I guessed that Steam was just working on a standard spec for a home theater gaming PC.

Now Kotaku has debunked the rumor completely. They spoke to Valve marketing director Doug Lombardi who, while not going so far as to say Valve will never produce hardware, assured Kotaku that we won't be hearing anything at this week's Game Developers Conference or at this year's E3 show in June:

Lombardi refused to flat-out say that Valve isn't working on a console. When I posted it to him this way—"What you're saying is, there's definitely nothing coming any time soon, nothing at GDC or E3, but what you're not ruling out is the possibility that, hey, maybe some day Valve would make hardware," he said, "I think that's accurate."

Of course, you don't need Valve to build you a PC for living room gaming and the good news is that Valve is moving forward with Steam's "Big Picture" mode, which is designed for those of us who choose to play PC games on a big screen TV. I'm looking forward to hearing more about that more than I was about new hardware I'd have to purchase.

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