Windows 8 ARM bootloader games

Windows 8 limits owners from booting non-Windows operating systems on ARM tablets.

[ Goodbye BIOS, hello UEFI ]

Goodbye, BIOS (Basic Input Output System), an outmoded tool (can't boot from disks larger than 2 terabytes for one example). Hello, UEFI (United Extensible Firmware Interface), that works like BIOS but with much more security built in. And that security, by demanding digital signatures of operating systems, will allow Microsoft to block non-Windows OSs from booting, particularly on tablets running the ARM processor.

Some freedom for "modders" and Linux fans remain, since x86 systems running Windows 8 must allow the user to turn off the digital certificate requirement. But since tablets are the new hot platform, locking up Windows 8 tablets from operating system modifications really aggravates some people.

Blame Microsoft

At first glance, this sort of smacks of the same anticompetitive BS they were requiring of computer makers that got them in hot water over the whole predatory licensing terms/IE bundling boondoggle back in the mid 90's...

Don Kiiskila on

The Xoom, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and HTC Flyer (as well as others I’m not necessarily aware of) are all unlockable. The problem isn’t with locked so long as it’s unlockable, the problem is encrypted (what is being proposed by MS).

ydaraishy on

At the point where someone might install a new OS, Microsoft have already made their sale and the customer owns the equipment. They should have no further interest in or control over what we do with it.

Mikel Kirk on

Don't blame Microsoft

Say it with me now: Secure Boot is in the UEFI spec. Microsoft is not doing anything.

BioTurboNick on

Hardware makers do not have to participate in the logo program, or they can choose to ship versions of their products that do not contain the logo for another platform.

Carmen Crincoli on

In reality, very very few ARM devices have wide open bootloaders, and if you go and buy an Android tablet right now (open!), chances are it’s bootloader will be locked,

ajstockdale on

Anyone see a problem?

Imagine Microsoft's certificate got compromised…

Cen-Sin on

I like the good old days when you bought something, and it was yours to do with as you please.

Kingsix on

"The decision as to which is more important—freedom or reliability—will lie with the user." The user is an idiot. We're doomed.

flash_ on

Of course, you can't officially change the operating system on Apples iPad, but no one seems too upset at that right now.

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