Steve Jobs Action Figure to see no action

Legal threats, family objections cause manufacturer to halt production of 12-inch doll

Early this month we broke the exclusive news that Apple chief executive Tim Cook was stepping down, to be replaced by the "incredibly lifelike" Steve Jobs Action Figure, a 12-inch dynamo determined to keep the company co-founded by the real Steve Jobs on top of the tech world forever more.

Now, however, comes the sad news that Chinese manufacturer In Icon, which had planned to begin selling the inspiring dolls for only $99.99 beginning in February, has blinked in the face of legal threats from Apple and the family of Jobs.

In a prepared statement, In Icon owner Tandy Cheung said, "Though we still believe that we have not overstepped any legal boundaries, we have decided to completely stop the offer, production and sale of the Steve Jobs figurine out of our heartfelt sensitivity to the feelings of the Jobs family."

Plus, you know, on the off chance that they actually did overstep legal boundaries. But mostly it's their newly discovered heartfelt sensitivity, which Cheung previously expressed thusly: "Apple can do anything they like. I will not stop, we already started production."

Big heart, small legal staff.

As recently noted here, the death of Jobs last October following a long struggle with cancer has spawned an industry of Jobs-related products, from tribute websites to figurines to black turtlenecks to his trademark round wire-frame glasses.

But the In Icon doll attracted a lot of attention -- first from the media and then from Apple's attorneys -- because of its lifelike detail and eerie resemblance to the company's co-founder (which you can see in all its disturbing glory here).

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