(Hopefully) the last Galaxy Nexus launch rumor post you'll ever have to read

I really didn't plan to write another "rumored Galaxy Nexus release date" post since we've heard so many rumors and they've all been wrong. But, well, what can I say? I'm taking this personally since I'm dying for a new phone, and I know I want that new phone to be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I expected it have it before Thanksgiving. All these inaccurate rumors are crushing my geek spirit!

Last weekend Droid-Life was at it again, saying December 15th was the launch date. I have to admit, I openly mocked them on Google+, but now I'm starting to believe. I'd be ready to eat crow if they hadn't reported about 10 other dates that were wrong...I don't think either Droid-Life or I are in a position to be smug right now.

So what's changed my mind? I've seen a few posts pop up from folks who convinced either Best Buy or even a Verizon store to sell them a Galaxy Nexus early.

The general consensus of opinion seems to be that the December 9th launch date was a real one, but then Verizon had that huge LTE outtage last week and decided to push back the Nexus launch to ensure customers had a great out-of-the-box experience. Given that LTE went down on the 7th, it seems a little unusual the Verizon would delay a launch from the 9th, but who knows?

In any event, I'm on board the December 15th bandwagon now. If it doesn't come to pass, then I really will eat crow. As soon as I get finished sobbing with disappointment.

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