This Steve Jobs memorial website can be yours today for only $10 million

Nearly 7,500 'Steve Jobs' items for sale on eBay

So you're scrambling for a last-minute gift for that Apple fanboy in your life -- or maybe you're done gift shopping and want to buy a little something for yourself.

If your thought is to get a "Steve Jobs" gift, eBay is the place to go. A veritable mini-industry has sprung up around the late Apple co-founder, who died in early October after a long battle with cancer.

Just go to eBay and type in "Steve Jobs" in the search field. I did and got 7,497 results. Just to sort through the clutter, I ordered the results by highest price. Here's the top result:

STEVE JOBS -- www.inmemoryofs​ -- DOMAIN FOR SALE...

While the auction is scheduled to run for another 15 days, you can buy this domain today for only $10 million! Nine people have had offers rejected by the lister, someone named reznoryeah, so don't even think of low-balling the dude.

Let's say you can't drop $10 mil. You still have options. For example, is available today for only $1 million. It's billed as a "premium" site, which makes it an even better bargain.

And the domain can be bought now for just $999,999. That's one-tenth the price of, even less if you want to get picky about the dollar. It's a veritable steal.

Suppose you're looking for something more tangible than a domain, something you can wrap and put under the tree. There's the certified original signature of Jobs, which apparently was written on an Apple bag in 2007. For you, $50,000, today. This is a piece of history.

If you're looking for a Steve Jobs and Woz Apple Lego playset, eBay's got one for you for $1,500, today. It's No. 1 of only 300 ever made, and Steve wouldn't settle for less than No. 1.

Still a little too rich for you? Check out the Steve Jobs Tribute Action Figurine, yours for $649, today. This one shows Jobs wearing his trademark black turtleneck and holding up an iPhone in his left hand.

Most of the Jobs action figures fail to capture the breadth of the man's complex personality. They should make some showing the volatile Jobs berating an employee, or maybe one of him parking in a handicapped spot. Think different!

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