Today is 'Dump GoDaddy Day' as SOPA protest

GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar by far, has lost a reported 70,000 customers already, and may lose many more today.

GoDaddy became an anti-SOPA protest target when news leaked they supported the Stop Online Privacy Act. Instructions for transferring domains away from GoDaddy can be found in multiple places. Domain registrars competing with GoDaddy provide coupon codes for saving, usually along the lines of "SOPAsucks" or "NoDaddy." At least one company,, promises to donate $1 to the EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation) for every use of their SOPAsucks coupon.

Good to note that Google returns "about 459,000 results" when you search "Dump GoDaddy Day." Is this protest the beginning of political awakening across the Internet, or a flash in the pan? Hacker News started a poll asking "Will you move your domains from GoDaddy today?" At this writing, 208 say Yes, 112 say No, and 279 say they've already moved their domains.

Die, GoDaddy, Die

Not only is GoDaddy a morally reprehensible company, but more disturbingly they're not even a good registrar.

SeoxyS on

Just make the switch, they were a horrible company to begin with.

crackthecracker on

I left GoDaddy earlier this year, when Bob Parsons made his childish Great White Hunter video killing that elephant.

jaysonelliot on

if you really want to freak GoDaddy out, start redirecting any traffic coming from a GoDaddy owned IP to a custom 404 page that says "This IP has been blocked due to your company's support of SOPA".

Insaneidea on

Look deeper

Interesting that GoDaddy supports SOPA, because my very recent experience with them is that they don’t give a crap, even if someone complains directly about stealing content.

KimSkildumReid on

The real winner at the end of the day will be NameCheap... how they became the go-to player in this switch day is a lesson in marketing.

hanksredditname on

The current instance of SOPA is horrible, and even godaddy realizes it. Supporting legislation that stops CRIME should never be fought against. Supporting KGB like control is bad, and GD doesn’t support it.

Akabar Navaris on

Politics is a messy business

why not attack your policy makers?? how are THEY, your representatives, being overlooked for their trigger happy cluelessness of said legislation?? this is the EXACT problem with the silent/passive aggressives, aka the “nerd forums”. they b*tch and gripe but know zero about affecting real change.

BLAMM_0910 on

In the words of Elie Wiesel, "Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor. Never the victim. Never the tormented."

jimmyjim on

Will the Howard Beale (I'm as mad as hell guy from the movie Network) mask replace the Guy Marks mask for protests?

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