Facebook technology to track non-users revealed

We know Facebook tracks users while on their website. More disturbing? Facebook tracks their users across the Web. Most disturbing? Facebook tracks non-Facebook users across the Web, too.

Kudos to USA Today for digging deep into the tracking habits of Facebook. They discovered "the social media giant has been able to create a running log of the web pages that each of its 800 or so million members has visited during the previous 90 days." For the non-Facbook users, don't get smug. Whenever you visit a Facebook page, you also get tracked.

That's the type of privacy invasion that gets the Feds involved, and several politicians seem particularly eager to skewer Facebook for these transgressions. Visitors to Facebook who are not users get a browser cookie attached. Users also get a session cookie, and are tracked outside of Facebook. Some foreign researchers claim Facebook's cookies track many more details than Facebook admits.

Fooey on Facebook

If Facebook, or any other site, wants to track its members activities and the members are made aware of this when they sign up, then fine. But for NON-members they have absolutely no right.

Really_Tired on usatoday.com

I will always believe employees of Facebook (especially their spokesman) will be completely forthcoming and transparent about all aspects of their tracking activity – NOT.

SocialMedia411 on mashable.com

Where I choose to surf after I log on or off facebook is simply none of your company's business.

synapse on usatoday.com

I'm taking action

I cancelled my subscription last week because of publicized privacy issues re Facebook

MrPotatoHead on usatoday.com

I always use incognito window and changed my settings in firefox that I do not want to be tracked.

Mhannerism on mashable.com

Or have your browser forget everything when you close it. Better yet, navigate in "private/Incognito" mode. Most modern browsers should be able to do this.

The Land Shark on msn.com

With all this tracking I think that the public almost needs a “share” of the profits made…even if it resulted in a “free internet connection”. Just saying

devinxllc on mashable.com

Privacy screeds

What's the matter? If you're not doing anything wrong, why should you care? That rationale works for being sexually molested at the airport, so why not for Facebook?

seriouslynow-4227937 on msn.com

Who needs "big brother" when you have Facebook.

Get a Life on usatoday.com

The CIA, the FBI, homeland security, google, yahoo, facebook, computers, credit cards, drones, cell phones, GPS, bills, work place, schools, etc etc; all are interconnected in someway, at any given second; all these could be used to track you down no matter where you are on earth!!!

DocHolliday on msn.com

No problem at all. This is how the web works. Deal with it.

beaurosser on mashable.com

Anyone think privacy rules should be strengthened and enforced more often? Be careful when you vote, because you are being tracked (Joke. Kinda).

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