Steve Jobs may be gone, but @deadstevejobs lives on

Spoof Twitter account of late Apple co-founder tweets from the beyond

I had this great idea the other day: What if someone created a Twitter account under the name of "SteveJobsGhost"? Now that could be funny!

Of course, as usual, I'm way late on this. I did a Twitter search and quickly found an account called @stevejobsghost. It was created on Oct. 5, the day Jobs died following a long struggle with cancer.

But that account had just one tweet, in which readers were redirected to another Twitter account, @deadstevejobs, which was created three days later.

For the presumptive account of a dead tech icon, @deadstevejobs hasn't attracted much attention. It has only 36 followers and has published a mere 58 tweets in seven weeks, or slightly more than one a day.

And @deadstevejobs is a salty fellow! There's a fair amount of swearing on the feed, though I've heard that live Steve Jobs was no stranger to cuss words.

So what wisdom is @deadstevejobs passing on from either some anonymous living guy with a Twitter account or the great beyond? Here's a sample:

Here is the thing. Social networks are not the future. Beautiful devices people have on them 24/7 are. #timdontforget

Tim pull yourself together! >> Cook said he had "experienced the saddest days of my lifetime and shed many tears" since the death of Jobs

Facebook now says it's a "mobile company". That's like Microsoft, saying "We're an internet company"--5 years too late in 2003.

Exactly, @deadstevejobs!

The IOS 5 release is today. Should be around 1 PM EST. One more thing: You'll enjoy the Twitter integration. F*ck Facebook.

Since I have more time on my hands, I find myself playing Angry Birds more frequently.

Understandable. Being dead must be like being on a movie set - lots and lots of downtime.

But @deadstevejobs doesn't just opine about technology issues. He breaks news!

The best thing about being dead is getting to meet John Lennon. In confidence, he did admit to me Yoko broke up the Beatles.

Sadly, that last tweet came on Oct. 13, and was followed by just one more that same day. Since then, @deadstevejobs has gone silent. Either he ran afoul of some afterlife regulations or the guy who created the account got bored.

Come back, @deadstevejobs, we mortals need you!

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