Baby girl thinks magazine is busted iPad

Are magazines outdated now because "digital natives" can't manipulate them like iPads? Or is this a trick video by a MacFanatic?

Over two million hits and counting, the 1 year old girl who tries to swipe and pinch magazine pages like iPad pages is entertaining us. Whether giving a baby a fragile is a good idea or not, the video shows an interesting stage in the young girls' development. Or does it?

This parent thinks Steve Jobs has coded part of the girl's OS. Of course, every parent believes their kid is special, but can we blame Steve Jobs for this little girl grabbing at magazines?


That's sad. She should learn first how to explore a book. ?

sandriki06 on

I don’t know about you, but that seems kind of messed up. Our dependence on technology could get us into some serious psychological trouble.

Sturat Coates on

What’s funny too is my friend’s iPhone4 has been front and back shattered because her barely 2-year old daughter dropped it.

jacki650 on


the parents? have coded her OS, not SJ...

alibrabraa on

hahahahaha kids are so easy to fool

Emily on

Kids who haver never even seen (let alone “used”) anything with a touchscreen will still often do the same kinds of things when looking through a magazine, book, etc. Nothing new here actually (just someone wanting to read something into it more than necessarily is there).

tstr on


all this means is that kids are stupid. fear not, she'll figure it out at the same time she discovers that the kid in the mirror is actually her.

dwreale on

My kid does this with magazines and books, and she's never seen an iPad in her life. It's the same with all my nieces and nephews... They're just investigating to see what it? is... The kid is learning about it's surroundings rather than "getting mixed up between an iPad and a magazine"... Am I the only one with enough parenting skills to see this?

TheMatthewChivers on

Um…don’t think this is “unique” behavior. I saw my younger siblings do that with magazines and picture books when they were babies…and they’re 49 and 46 years old.

Veronica Zamarron on

How much do you want to bet the little girl with an iPad is the first baby in the family?

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