Windows 8 metro keyboard shortcuts and tips

How to use the Windows 8 metro interface

The new metro interface of Windows 8 has many people excited. Here are some keyboard shortcuts and other tips to help get you using it right away.

1. You can simply start typing with your keyboard on the Start screen to launch applications and search.

2. You can click on the Search charm to find additional applications.

3. Here are some additional keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8:

Application Search: Win+Q

Settings Search: Win+W

Files Search: Win+F

Settings Charm: Win+I

Rotation Lock: Win+O

Bring up time/date and start menu: Win+C

4. You can use most old keyboard shortcuts such as Win+D or Win+R or Win+L.

5. Mouse mode lets you activate the charms/options by putting the mouse at the bottom left edge.

6. Mouse mode also lets you active in-app options by right clicking.

7. Use the keyboard's arrow keys and page down/up to pick tiles. Use Enter to launch them. The menu button will let you select them.

8. Be sure to check the settings charm in applications to see app settings.

9. Turn on high contrast mode in the Ease of Access section of the control panel to see a Start screen with a dark theme.


Windows 8 Metro UI Tips & Tricks | WinMatrix

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