Robot Arm Brings us One Step Closer to Terminators

Cyberdyne Inc. creates robotic-assist arm to help humans, but we know where this is going...

At the CEATEC show in Japan, Cyberdyne Inc. showed off its prototype robotic arm, which it says will help the weak, disabled and elderly. But as any true science-fiction fan knows, this is the first step towards building the Terminator robots. Come on, people, the company name is based on Cyberdyne Systems, the fictional company in the movie that made both the Terminator robots and the Skynet system that eventually destroyed the world.

Is this a case of life imitating art, or the other way around? Either way, if someone looking like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger starts showing up, I'm outta here.

Bonus video: Check out this "promo" for the Skynet Soldier program, created by the folks at Skynet Research (presumably a fake company), not sure which Terminator movie or video game series this one came from. It does feature a funny Arnold cameo (love the voice acting):

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